Dan/Poom Promotional Test Examiners Course, Korea

Master Guest has just returned from an intensive Dan/Poom Test Examiners Course conducted by the World Taekwondo Academy (Kukkiwon) in Seoul, Korea.11822763_733412236804102_3839545398787889335_n.jpg Over 200 participants with the rank of 7th Dan and above were invited from all over the world to take part in the three day course from 27th July to 29th July 2015) 11831668_733412050137454_8499867509255020414_n.jpg Master Guest was joined by Grand Master Shin 9th Dan and Master Lindsay Lawrence 7th Dan from the UK.11817212_733412073470785_180429076639969614_n.jpg  .11813447_733412310137428_847357259574455510_n.jpg The course consisted of special Lectures on rules, scoring and judgement and practical training sessions with the worlds top Grand Masters in Korea, followed by a written and practical test.

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